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Over the year we heard so much buzz on ETAE Natural Carmelux Treatment. Our customers couldn't get enough of this enriched protein treatment, 100% natural  plant base protein hair treatment. With over 1,000's of reviews on instagram and youtube on how soft, shiny, and manageable it left their straighten hair. ETAE Naturals is one of the top selling natural hair treatment on shelves. 

But one of the main questions that seems to always come up"Will ETAE  Naturals treatment alter my natural curl pattern?"

So as the question sat on my mind I decided to try it for myself without using any heat on my hair. Once I rinsed out the products I noticed a miraculous shine and how defined my curls look. It left my hair soft ,manageable, and easy to style. I definitely recommend this product to anyone with  High Porosity hair, as I covered and my last blog. 

Below is a video that I came across to show how to use ETAE for a Wash-N-Go

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Can E'TAE Naturals Carmelux Collection be used on Natural Curly  Hair?

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